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The Big Night Out – An educational essential life-skills workshop to keep young people safe (15+)

The ‘BIG’ night out workshop is aimed to educate young people on personal safety during a night out, the effects of alcohol, drugs and the potential dangers of binge drinking and sexting. 


The workshop includes a personal safety booklet, safety quiz relating to the law on sex, drinking, drugs and the effects of substance misuse. The practical elements of personal safety involve diffusing aggression as well as looking at situations where self-defence and breakaway techniques may be needed.

Used together students will be armed with key safety skills and techniques needed to remain safe when out and about.


  • Drink, drug, sex and the law
  • Dangers associated with binge drinking and substance misuse
  • Personal safety and self-defence
  • Personal safety tips for a safe night out and journey home
  • The law in relation to sexting
  • Situational awareness
  • Performance vs anxiety
  • Personal safety and confidence strategies
  • Self-efficacy
  • Emotional awareness & self-regulation

Personal safety & self-defence

The practical elements of personal safety will investigate situations around RESOLVEit’s four main principles: AWARENESS, AVOIDANCE, DIALOGUE and ACTION while introducing simple and effective self-defence and breakaway techniques.

  • Personal space
  • The shield
  • Wrist grabs
  • Clothes grabs
  • Hair grabs
  • Body grabs
  • Strike defences
  • Face strikes
  • Groin & leg strikes
  • Front choke
  • Rear choke
  • Headlocks
  • Floor escapes

As part of the workshop, you’ll have access to RESOLVEit’s BIG NIGHT OUT e-book to reinforce your learning experience!

*Please note that it is compulsory to complete the free RESOLVEit “Secondary Train a Trainer” (TAT) online training in order to deliver any of our workshops. A password will be sent to you once you purchase this workshop.

Our TAT is great for your CPD and gives you the confidence to know that you are teaching the self-defence techniques correctly.

By taking part, you acknowledge that you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions regarding the workshop contact us at enquiries@resolveitcic.co.uk

RESOLVEit – Terms and Conditions (Downloadable PDF)

RESOLVEit – Disclaimer (Downloadable PDF)