RESOLVEit e-Induction workshop (Secondary Edition)

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RESOLVEit’s e-induction allows individuals to receive a basic, yet essential introduction to RESOLVEit and their key principles providing delegates with the skills to effectively deliver a RESOLVEit assembly. 

A free compulsory workshop suitable covering personal safety tips and skills with an introduction to low-level self-defence techniques. A great addition to CPD portfolios, suitable for staff and volunteers who are involved with delivering or supporting a RESOLVEit assembly.

Completing this induction is a prerequisite to deliver RESOLVEit assemblies, to ensure safe and knowledgeable delivery whilst maintaining the integrity of RESOLVEit and materials provided.


  • RESOLVEit principles
  • Personal safety
  • Self-defence: low-level breakaway techniques


  • Learn fundamental RESOLVEit techniques.
  • Understand the importance of safeguarding, policies and procedures when delivering to children.
  • Understand your role, responsibilities and relevant safety information required to confidently deliver an assembly.
  • Apply RESOLVEit’s principles for personal safety in a fun, age-appropriate and creative way for children.
  • Delegates will undertake a theory-based test and participate in a teach-back session. Alongside this yearly refreshers will be mandatory to maintain knowledge, integrity and best practice of the assembly.

Course participants on completion will receive:

  • Relevant PowerPoint assembly pack 
  • Lesson plan for assembly delivery
  • Opportunity to become part of the #weareasafetyschool campaign

By taking part, you acknowledge that you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions regarding the workshop contact us at enquiries@resolveitcic.co.uk

RESOLVEit – Terms and Conditions (Downloadable PDF)

RESOLVEit – Disclaimer (Downloadable PDF)