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RESOLVEit’s Superhero Academy – PSHE for the next generation (PG)

The RESOLVEit Superhero Academy combines the use of an innovative online platform with practical lesson structures in a way that allows teachers and students to work through a variety of key PSHE and personal safety subjects, with the aim of providing valuable life skills and improving self-esteem.

Learners will be able to access a variety of resources to supplement these lessons and will have the opportunity to gain both a deeper understanding of the interpersonal skills that underpin positive interactions and learn how and when to apply a range of basic self-defence techniques.

Superhero Academy lessons are designed to be fun, engaging, and confidence-boosting to younger learners, and completing this course awards a Superhero Academy certification to prove that they’re a qualified hero!


You will cover:

  • Respect and Understanding & All About You

  • First Impressions & Friendship

  • Trust & Anger Triggers

  • Non-Verbal Communication & Active Listening

  • Peer Pressure & Bullying

  • Cyber Bullying & Bystander Effect

  • Mindfulness & Gratitude

  • A range of self-defence techniques such as The Shield, Palm Deflection, Wrist Releases, Downward Evasion, and the Palm Push.


The Superhero Academy offers a package of interactive PSHE workbooks, self-defence videos + guide, learning materials, and downloadable lesson plans that can be used by teachers or school staff to cover 15 key PSHE topics.

Personal Safety & Self-Defence videos – 11 minutes.

*RESOLVEit online ‘Train a Trainer’ package “COMING SOON

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