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Celebrating PSHE through a new, creative and innovative online portal

With the use of an innovative online portal, RESOLVEit’s Superhero Academy allows children and teachers to work through the key contents that underpin the KS2 PSHE requirements in a fun, modern and interactive way. Within the Superhero Academy packages, schools and staff will have access to an introductory set of basic self-defence videos, interactive PSHE workbooks, certificates, quizzes and downloadable lesson plans. 

The Train the Trainer Programme allows your school/club the opportunity to deliver this package with the flexibility to deliver it to many children in your school or club.

*You must be located within 15 miles radius from Cardiff Central for RESOLVEit to train your staff in person or we can deliver over Skype if you’re outside the 15-mile radius.

LEVEL 1: White to Yellow


  • Respect and Understanding
  • All About You

Personal Safety & Self-Defence:

  • Personal Space
  • The Shield

LEVEL 2: Yellow to Orange


  • First Impressions
  • Friendship

Personal Safety & Self-Defence

  • Palm Deflection
  • Wrist release (Touching Ear)

LEVEL 3: Orange to Blue


  • Trust
  • Anger Triggers

Personal Safety & Self-Defence:

  • Wrist release no 2 (Telling the time)
  • Double handed wrist grab

LEVEL 4: Blue & Green


  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Active Listening

Personal Safety & Self-Defence

  • Side step to evade the front or rear leg

LEVEL 5: Green to Red


  • Peer Pressure
  • Understanding Bullying

Personal Safety & Self-Defence

  • Downward Evasion
  • Palm Push

LEVEL 6: Red to Purple


  • Cyber Bullying
  • Bystander Effect

Personal Safety & Self-Defence

  • Shin Technique
  • Stand up

LEVEL 7: Purple to Black


  • Personal Safety

Personal Safety & Self-Defence

  • Recap all moves

The SUPERHERO ACADEMY Programme also comes with the Superhero Academy workbook (PDF) for you to print off and complete with the students. This is the perfect way to test your pupil’s safety knowledge through each of our 7 stages. It’s simple, accessible to all, and highly effective.

Personal Safety & Self-Defence videos – 11 Minutes

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