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RESOLVEit’s Superhero Academy – PSHE for the next generation (age 6-9)

RESOLVEit’s Superhero Academy allows children and teachers to work through the key contents that underpin the KS2 PSHE requirements in a fun, interactive and modern way.  


LEVEL 1: White to Yellow


  • Respect and Understanding
  • All About You

Personal Safety & Self-Defence:

  • Personal Space
  • The Shield

LEVEL 2: Yellow to Orange


  • First Impressions
  • Friendship

Personal Safety & Self-Defence

  • Palm Deflection
  • Wrist release (Touching Ear)

LEVEL 3: Orange to Blue


  • Trust
  • Anger Triggers

Personal Safety & Self-Defence:

  • Wrist release no 2 (Telling the time)
  • Double handed wrist grab

LEVEL 4: Blue & Green


  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Active Listening

Personal Safety & Self-Defence

  • Side step to evade the front or rear leg

LEVEL 5: Green to Red


  • Peer Pressure
  • Understanding Bullying

Personal Safety & Self-Defence

  • Downward Evasion
  • Palm Push

LEVEL 6: Red to Purple


  • Cyber Bullying
  • Bystander Effect

Personal Safety & Self-Defence

  • Shin Technique
  • Stand up

LEVEL 7: Purple to Black


  • Personal Safety
  • Online Safety

Personal Safety & Self-Defence

  • Recap all moves

LEVEL 8: Black


  • Mindfulness & Gratitude

The SUPERHERO ACADEMY programme also comes with the Superhero Academy workbooks (PDF). These are the perfect way to test student’s safety knowledge throughout each stage.

Personal Safety & Self-Defence videos – 11 minutes

(Downloadable PDF’s for all workbooks) password included not printable

*All gold and platinum workshops can have an additional Train a Trainer programme for staff. Prices vary on location. 

Refresher workshops can be held on site at a cost. Please contact enquiries@resolveitcic.co.uk for more information. 

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