British Science Week

British Science Week celebrates STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects over a ten day period. This year, British Science Week is taking place between the 5th and 14th March 2021.

British Science Week is coordinated by the British Science Association which is funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). However, anyone can organise British Science Week events and activities: teachers, community group leaders, professionals, and students.

This year has not been the most exciting. However, whilst students start to go back to school and Spring starts to awaken the country, British Science Week will be here! But you’re probably wondering how you can participate in British Science Week.

How to participate in British Science Week

There are no restrictions on who can organise British Science Week events or activities. This means there is a huge array of different programmes available during this week. The activities are suitable for all ages and abilities but all aim to engage in the world of STEM.

You can find how to participate on the British Science Week page.

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