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Why Create?

Tuborial provides a platform for the world’s creators to build professional, high quality courses which enable them to sell not only knowledge but also the resources and products needed to achieve success.

What can I teach?

As long as your content is deemed appropriate, you can teach and sell anything!

All of our courses are vetted for inappropriate offensive content before you are accepted as a Creator.

1. Sign Up as a Creator

Fill in our simple application form, tell us what course you want to create, we’ll send you a Tuborial starter kit!

2. Create Tuborial

This is the fun part. Write Your Script. Film your process. Make sure you have any products you are selling in stock. Edit your film and you’ve made your first Tuborial! Read More about Creating Your Tuborial.

3. Get Approval

Submit your Tuborial and we’ll check it over against our guidelines. We may suggest a few changes – this is just to help make your course be as good as it can be (and to help you sell more!)

4. Get Paid

Payments are made every month and once your course goes live we’ll make sure as many people as possible see it.  We also recommend doing what you can to market it yourself. This might include sharing it on social media, running Google Ad’s or tapping into communities you are already part of.


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