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For Learners

How do I access courses?

All courses are delivered online and can be accessed via a PC, smartphone or tablet.

Once you have started your course you will be access the course material and study at times to suit you. There will be no timeframe to complete the course in, unless stated by the course Creator.

Are courses accredited?

If a course is accredited by an awarding body, it will clearly state so in the course description. Check this information before proceeding to avoid confusion post course. If in doubt contact the course Creator direct and or the Tuborial team.

Who creates the courses?

Online courses listed on Tuborial are created by third parties, in the majority of cases. Tuborial’s parent company Rewise also creates a selection of online courses for the platform.

Can anyone sign up to take an online course?

Yes, anyone can sign up, you don’t need any formal qualifications. In the majority of cases any specialist equipment will be included in the cost of the course.

Just make sure you pick the right course for you.

Can I sign up for more than one online course?

There is no limit to the amount of online courses you can sign up to.

Can I leave a course?

Yes you can leave a course at any time.

Can I re-join a course?

Yes you can re-join a course at any time.

Is there a time limit to completing a course?

In the majority of cases there is no fixed timeframe to complete a course. But always check this in the course description.

Is it possible to contact the course Creator direct?

Yes, you can message the course Creator direct.

Who is responsible for sending me the resources/products I have purchased with my course?

Any resources, products and materials that require sending to you are the responsibility of the course Creator. Any disputes should be dealt with directly by the Creator.

What if I don’t complete a course, can I still keep the resource/product I got as part of the course?

Yes once you sign up and pay to take an online course that includes products, resources and materials, you are under no obligation to complete the course.

Can I use Tuborial in a school or business setting?

Yes, many of our courses are suitable for young people and businesses.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, you only pay to sit the online courses you choose.

I have an interest in a course you don’t cover?

Contact us, we will try our best to facilitate your request.

I have spotted a problem with one of the courses hosted on Tuborial, what should I do?

Contact us and we will resolve the problem with the Creator.

How do I make a complaint?

For Creators 

What is a Creator?

A Creator is an individual, network, publisher or institution that has created a course for the Tuborial platform.

What do I need to become a course creator?

Knowledge and expertise in your chosen subject.

What are the benefits?

Earn an income from home with your knowledge. Sell products, services, course materials and resources as part of your courses.

What video editing packages do you recommend?

We recommend using one of the following video editing programs:

– IMovie
– Final Cut Pro
– Adobe Premier Pro

Can you film my content for me?

At Tuborial we have a dedicated media team, that can facilitate your filming needs. Contact us to find out more.

What is deemed as inappropriate content?

Inappropriate content is that which goes against the norm or standards of society on religious, social, cultural or other topics such as:

Sexually Explicit:
Hate Speech:
Dangerous or derogatory content:
Content that exploits or harms others or oneself.
Explicit language:
Content that is likely to shock or scare:
Content appearing to profit from tragic events.
Animal Cruelty

Tuborial reserves the right to refuse and or take down Creators courses at any time, based on it containing inappropriate content.

Where can I host my videos?

We recommend you store your videos with third party video hosting sites, such as Vimeo, Youtube or industry standard alternatives.

We offer a series of support videos to help you with your video hosting needs and can set this up for you if required for an admin fee. Contact us to find out more.

Who ships course resources, materials and products?

Course creators are responsible for the shipping and distribution of any course resources, materials and products that are sold as part of any online courses. If you have not received your goods, please raise a dispute with the course Creator and log your complaint with Tuborial.

How much do course Creators get paid?

This depends on the price you charge for your courses and how many people sign up for your courses. The world is your oyster, with the right promotion.

How do Creators get paid?

Course creators get paid monthly via baccs payment? Course Creators get paid instantly via baccs.

Do Creators have to pay Tax?

It is the responsibility of the course Creator to comply with all local and international taxation obligations.

Does Tuborial promote Creators courses?

Yes, the Tuborial platform is promoted to a wide audience via paid advertising, PR and marketing campaigns.

How can I promote my course?

You can promote your course via any medium that’s works for your discipline. We recommend the following:

– Ad words Campaigns
– Paid social media adverting, on platforms that reflect your target market.
– Social media content
– Google display advertising
– Google search advertising
– Word of mouth
– Via Creators proven existing marketing channels

Are there guidelines to creating a Tuborial course?

While we like to encourage as wide a range of content as possible on the Tuborial platform, we do have certain guidelines to make sure all our courses meet a certain standard. These guidelines refer specifically to course content, course length and course production.

Read more about the Tuborial guidelines here

How will I know if my course has met the required guidelines?

Before your course is published it will be reviewed by our team. You may be sent some feedback with suggested areas to work on before publication.

How long does the feedback process take?

We aim to review every course and send feedback within 2 weeks. If any changes are required, once these have been made we will carry out a second review and feedback within 3-4 working days.

How long should my Tuborial be?

Tuborials can be anything from 20 minutes to 2 hours long. The length of the course will depend very much on what you are teaching, but whatever the content we always recommend making your lessons as succinct and ‘to the point’ as possible.

What’s the ratio of video content to additional material and tasks?

We like to encourage learning by doing as much as possible, but we do require a minimum of 50% video content.

Does it cost me anything to create a Tuborial?

Once you’ve created your Tuborial it’s completely free for you to upload it to our platform.

What fees do Tuborial take?

We take 30% of the cost from the sale of every course. So you keep 70% of all the revenue generated from selling your course via Tuborial.

Please find more on our pricing agreement here.

What’s the right price to charge for my Tuborial?

The best way to decide how to price your Tuborial is to compare it against other, similar courses on the platform. Is your course longer or shorter? Is the subject harder to master, or more unusual? How much do you think people will pay? It can be a good idea to do some market research to help make this decision. It is always possible to adjust the price of your course up or down depending on how well it is selling.

How many people access Tuborial each month?

We’ve only been live a matter of months, but we are already seeing tens of thousands of users visiting the site.

How much can I earn through a Tuborial course?

The current average (projected) for a Tuborial tutor is £5K+ per year, per course.

How long will my students be able to access my course for?

Once they have purchased your course, your students will have access to the material indefinitely, even if you decide to take it down from the Tuborial Platform. However, they will not receive any updates or extra material added after the date of purchase.

Can I contact my students directly?

Yes, you will be able to contact your students via the Tuborial platform to inform them of updates to courses or further courses that might interest them.


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