Do you want to learn more about the best coffee brewing methods? This blog will teach you how to pour the perfect cup for you.

Before we get into the brewing methods, to make a great cup of coffee you need high quality coffee beans. You can find coffee beans in your local supermarket but why not support your local coffee roasters! It may be a tad more expensive, but this is where you will source the best coffee in your area. 

Although you can achieve good results with pre ground coffee beans, you will find if you grind whole beans yourself just before you brew it, it will create the best coffee in terms of taste and aroma. Alongside a good vessel, kettle and your choice of milk and sweetener (if preferred) you should be set up to make the perfect cup of coffee. 

French Press/Cafetiere 

Using a Cafetiere, arguably, produces a higher quality brew than most other methods. It’s simple, you add coarsely ground coffee beans to the bottom of the French Press, add hot water, wait 3-5 minutes, press the filter down and pour yourself a delicious cup! Depending on how many cups you want to make, you should measure the coffee and water accurately. This method is suited to coffee drinkers who enjoy an interesting taste experience with a robust body.

Stove Top/Moka Pot

Stove top coffee makers use steam pressure to brew coffee. Water is placed in the bottom section with the grounds placed in the middle. When the Moka Pot is placed on the heat, the water travels into the top section through the coffee grounds and filter creating an espresso-style brew. This brewing method can result in a strong, sometimes bitter cup. 


The Aeropress is one of the latest nuances to coffee brewing, it is a 3 part plastic equipment which makes something similar to an espresso or lungo. A filter sits in a basket, fine/medium grounds are placed on top alongside hot water, after 1-2 minutes press the plunger down to create air pressure which forces the brewed coffee into the cup through the filter. There are many tutorials on how to do this.

Drip/Pour Over

One of the oldest and simplest methods of brewing coffee is the drip method. This is where coffee is poured over a filter with coffee grinds to then drip into a vessel, which is why an alternative name is called a pour over. So, a filter is placed in the top half of the cone with around 15g of medium/coarsely ground coffee. Some boiled water will be poured around the paper to wet it and bloom the coffee grounds (around 50ml). Wait a few seconds and pour an extra 200ml into the cone in circular motions making sure all coffee grounds are wetted. Once the water is poured, the brewed coffee should pour into the vessel underneath the cone. It’s as simple as that!

Tuborial Course

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