What Does STEM Mean?

You may have heard the phrases “STEM jobs” or “STEM education”, but do you actually know what STEM means? STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. So STEM education revolves around the learning and teaching of these topics. STEM is often associated with being key to innovation, which is why you may have heard the acronym so frequently.

Due to STEM’s great innovation potential, some believe that STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) should be fully integrated into a child’s education. The involvement of these STEM subjects in everyday learning life will encourage young people to take up a career in STEM.

Studying STEM

If you are interested in studying STEM subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics, there are many possible careers you could go into. STEM careers can suit any personality and personal goals which makes STEM jobs easy to get stuck into.

STEM jobs are in high demand which means that, even in these uncertain times where the job market is unstable, there are still many opportunities out there in STEM. For example, Tomorrow’s Engineers believe that by 2024 2.65 million UK engineering jobs need filling. This means that by studying engineering, you are likely to get a job out of the other side.

It is argued that jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics are the most innovative and futurist careers out off them all! As the world gets more technologically advanced, it will need more STEM specialised workers to keep up with innovations. 

Some examples of jobs you can expect to get into when studying in STEM education include; computer systems analysts, web developers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, medical scientists, actuaries, and many more. However, you can be more specific concerning what subjects can fill what jobs.

Science Careers

A lot of people enjoy studying science based subjects as they involve a lot of hands-on investigation via laboratory work. Depending on what specific science-based course or degree you take, depends on the type of job you secure. Some graduate jobs under science include:

Biomedical Scientist


Crime Scene Investigator

Food Technologist



And more.

Technology Careers

If you love computers, robotics, or gaming, a technology-based degree or course may be of interest to you. Degrees can range from game design to computer science or software development. Coding is a massive skill in these fields. With a technology-based STEM degree you could land yourself a job in:

Application Development

Business Analysing

Cyber Security Game Developing

IT Teaching

IT Consulting

Website Design..

And more!


Engineering Careers

As mentioned above, engineering jobs are high in demand. If you study engineering, it won’t be hard for you to find a perfect job. Like most STEM careers, your salary could be higher than average. Examples of STEM jobs in engineering include:

Aerospace engineer.

Automotive engineer.

CAD technician.

Contracting civil engineer.

Control and instrumentation engineer.

Maintenance engineer.

Mechanical engineer.

Nuclear engineer.

And more!

Mathematics Careers

Studying mathematics will help you improve your logical thinking brain, making a lot of jobs suitable for you. Although there are jobs directly related to the course, there is a lot of possibility to have easy career changes for example engineering. Jobs directly linked to maths include:


Actuarial Analyst


Data Analyst

Maths Teacher or Lecturer

Investment Analyst

And more.

Women in STEM

It is a known fact that STEM careers are male-dominated including computer science and medicine. However, many STEM occupations are looking to employ much more women in order to boost diversity within the workplace. If you are a woman looking into a STEM-based career, look for companies which make increased effort to include women into their workforce.

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