CHILDREN’S DEFENDER – Quiz Learning Materials

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CHILDREN’S DEFENDER – Quiz Learning Materials


Below are 8 scenarios that will help you through your Children’s Defender quiz.

1. Jade is on her way to her next lesson. While walking through the corridor another girl hits Jade as she walks past. Jade immediately tells the teacher about what just happened. If Jade had of hit back she would have been just as bad and would have got into trouble too.

2. Thomas is waiting at the school gates for his parents to pick him up. Thomas sees a car that he doesn’t recognise, pulls up nearby and the stranger comes over and claims that Thomas’s parents told the stranger to give him a lift home. Thomas immediately runs back into the school and tells an adult about what just happened.

3. Katie was playing on the swings in her local park. Katie was then approached by an adult asking for help to find her lost puppy. Katie screams “NO” and runs to the nearest trusted adult. She then tells them about the stranger.

4. Josh was waiting in the dinner line when a group of children came over and threatened Josh to let them get ahead of the line. Josh went over and spoke to a trusted adult immediately.

5. Timothy went to the shopping centre with his family. Timothy became distracted by the sweets in the shop window. When he turned around his parents were gone. Timothy felt lost. He looked for the nearest security guard or shop worker in the shop. These are the safest people to ask for help from.

6. Billy is walking home from school when a car pulls up beside him. The driver asks Billy for directions. Billy remembers what he was taught and runs as fast as he can in the opposite direction of the car. He runs to a safe place to tell a trusted adult.

7. Gareth went to his local shop to buy some sweets. While browsing the sweets, someone grabs Gareth’s wrist and says “you better be quiet and come with me or I’ll hurt you”. Gareth remembers his self-defence training and performs the wrist release technique and screams. “This is not my parent!” over and over again and runs to the shop worker. The attacker runs away.

8. Hannah likes to socialise online after school, a place where you can relax and have a laugh from the comfort and safety of your own home. A particular boy the same age as Hannah has been talking to her for a couple of weeks now and has never met. The boy asks Hannah for either her home address or phone number, Hannah is alarmed because she has never met the boy before and tells her parents immediately because you never know who you could be talking to online.