Pour Over

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Pour Over

. Pour Over what you need:

– Pour over vessel (Such as Hario V60, Bonmac dripper, Kono Meimon)

– Vessel paper or bamboo filters

– 15-20gs Freshly Roasted Coffee beans ( Medium Coarse grind show picture, show look like brown sugar)

– Grinder

– Scales

– Timer

– Thermometer



– Boil the kettle, place filter in vessel, soak and preheat your pour over vessel and coffee cup.

– Weigh 14-16gs of coffee then grind to medium coarse grind (you want around 15g of coffee for each 250ml of water).

– Discard warm water from your cup

– Place ground coffee in your pour over vessel

– Pour in a small amount of water, enough just to saturate the grounds(water temperature 80-85 for light roast beans). Leave to bloom for 30 secs

– Slowly Pour in the rest of the water, submerge the coffee, moving in a circular pour. starting small at the middle and gradually creating bigger circles as you move towards the edge. (As if you drawing a whirl pool with as you pour)

– Fill to almost the top of the vessel, and let the water seep through the coffee until your cup is full (don’t use an extra large cup, by the time it’s filled the coffee will be over extracted and bitter)

– Total brew time should be around 3 – 4 minutes.

–  Serve and enjoy.

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