SUPERHERO ACADEMY – Quiz Learning Materials

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SUPERHERO ACADEMY – Quiz Learning Materials


Below are 6 scenarios and main principals that will help you through your Superhero Academy quiz.

1. A group of children are walking home from school; as they walked along a busy street. a car pulled alongside them and asked for directions. The children thought it was very odd that an adult would stop and ask a child this, so they stepped away from the car and walked in the other direction, our Superheroes agree.

2. In school, a girl is getting bullied. She keeps ignoring the bullies and it doesn’t seem to be stopping. The bully threatens her again, and it’s starting to scare her now. Usually, she keeps it to herself, but today she goes to tell a trusted adult, this could be any adult that works in her school or it could be her family. She decided to tell her class teacher, the teacher reassured her that she will deal with it and the situation will get better.

3. A family goes shopping. While walking around the shop the son gets distracted by all the sweets that are in there. When he turns around, he can’t see his mum and dad.  The boy starts to panic because as he’s on his own. He sees a security guard he quickly runs to him (or shop assistant) and explains to them that he has lost his parents. The security guard knows exactly what to do, and helps the boy get back to his parents safely.

4. A group of friends are out playing, one of them notices the time and realises he’s going to get home late.  His mother gave him a strict time to be home and said what would happen if he wasn’t in on time The boy had two choices;  a short cut and the long way home. The short cut was down a dark alley but would get him home 5 minutes earlier than the long way. The long way was down a well-lit street. The boy was going to choose the short cut until he saw a few shadows down the alley. He turned around and went the long way home even though he knew he would be in trouble. Yes he got home late, yes his mother was angry but he was safe and she was glad that he was safe.  

5. While walking around a busy town centre with her family, a little girl gets lost and starts crying. A mother walking by with her children noticed the girl crying and approaches her to see what’s wrong? However, the mother sees a Policeman standing in a shop doorway and asks for help. The girl tells the Policeman that she is lost. He reassures her and asks her some questions. One question was if she knew her parent’s phone number. Luckily, she did, in school, she learned how important it was to know a number. This came in handy and got her back to her parents very quickly.

6. Two children are playing in the park; a woman approaches them and says “Hi, how are you?” They don’t know this person. One of the children says “I’m not allowed to talk to strangers” then holds the other child’s hand and runs to tell the parents what just happened. The parents were very happy and proud that their children did the right thing.

Complete RESOLVEit’s 4 main principles

RESOLVEit works on 4 principles that will help with personal safety

  • Awareness – being aware of your surroundings and situations
  • Avoidance – walking away, leaving the situation before it escalates
  • Dialogue – speech and body language, you should stay calm with open body language
  • Action – self-defence, always as a last resort