Women’s Defender Top 10 Safety Tips

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Women’s Defender Top 10 Safety Tips


  1. If you’re on a bus and it’s empty, or it’s at night –consider sitting on the lower deck and close to the driver.


  1. Always use a taxi or licensed taxi company. When you make a booking get the name of the drive, the make and colour of the car.


  1. If you listen to music while walking or running, take one earpiece out to hear traffic or the sounds of other people around you.


  1. If you’re waiting for a lift,  stay in the shadows using any light to survey your surroundings.


  1. Don’t put your name and address on your key ring. What happens if you lose them? You’ve not only given them the keys to your home, but also its exact location.


  1. When parking your car, reverse into the space. It easier to drive forward than reversing, especially under stress.


  1. Erase your Car SatNav destinations. If your car gets stolen and your ‘Home’ is entered as a stored destination the thief knows where you live. You may not only come out of work to find your car missing but you may get home to find you have been burgled.


  1. It might be more convenient to take the shorter route home through a dark alley but how safe is it? Take the lit, busier and slightly longer route.


  1. If a vehicle approaches you and the driver asks for directions, keep your distance, ask them to speak louder; do not lean forward into the vehicle.


  1. Vary your daily routine if you can. If you leave and arrive at work or school at exactly the same time you become very predictable to be followed.