What is Virtual Education?

We are in the midst of a revolution of virtual learning! Over the past few years, traditional classroom education has added online learning and virtual classrooms into everyday school and home life. Lockdowns caused by Covid-19 has increased the amount we use virtual classrooms due to the inability of being in a real classroom together.

Online learning allows the learner to be able to participate in classroom activities or courses anywhere in the world as long as there is internet connection. This enables students to learn from their own home instead of classrooms, lecture halls, or libraries. Most UK schools have turned to learning from home due to lockdown restrictions.

From virtual classrooms to free online courses, online education comes in many different forms. You can find paid or free online learning courses and online learning resources on many platforms such as Open University free courses and on sites such as Tableau e-learning, Future Learn, Solent Online Learning, and Rewise Learning.

There is scepticism surrounding online virtual learning because the internet is so vast. People may believe that traditional classroom learning may be the best, but online learning via virtual classroom have some unique benefits. Here are some of the reasons why we think online learning works:

Virtual Learning Benefits

  1. Wide Variety of Online Learning Courses and Resources

You can find online learning courses which are based on a multitude of subjects. From Home School Drumming Lessons to Developing Personal Confidence Lessons to Standard Maths and English lessons, there is a virtual educational course suited to your needs.

Of course traditional subjects are important for school and university students, however, online courses aren’t all about high-level academia. A lot of courses on the internet are based on personal interests or hobbies which learners want to be masters of. Barista Masterclasses, Cookery Courses, and Arts/Crafts courses are massive online.

  2. Flexibility of Online Learning

Our lives can sometimes be very hectic, getting up early to go to school or work and not stopping until you get back into bed. You may not have time to relax or enjoy life. Online Learning and Virtual Classroom are flexible so can work around your life as you can be anywhere (with internet connection) and learn!

Online Learning Platforms allow you to set your work at your own pace. This means your study-work-life balance can be suited to your life. Virtual learning allows you to schedule your education at your own convenience to work around the way you learn, work, and live. The choice of how you learn is entirely yours with virtual education.

  3. Reduced Education Costs

Using educational online courses will help you reduce your overall education costs. Online courses can vary depending on the price. You can always find virtual education that will suit your budget. You may even be given an option to pay in instalments or per class you take which makes online learning more manageable. Of course you can even find free courses such as Open University free courses.

There are a few reasons why online education is cheaper than learning the traditional way. There are reduced overheads because teachers and schools do not have to pay for classroom space or physical materials such as printing. You don’t have to pay for travel or school meals when you are learning from home. Also, some online courses are taught by unconventional (but qualified) teachers who often teach valuable courses at a lower price.

Using online education means that you will save money. This means you can direct the money that you would have paid into other pots; saving for a holiday or planning to buy a house.

  4. Online Education is Customisable

You can learn whatever you want to online. If you like a certain topic within traditional subjects, you can focus and become a master of it through customisable and accessible online courses. A quick search on Google can bring up a lot of different courses which you can use as extra curricular learning.
Some e-learning specialists can even create bespoke courses suited to your needs as a teacher or student. For example, if you are a visual learner they may add more videos. If you are a linguistic learner, you may be given more e-books. It is very easy to be flexible online are you can set students different activities depending on their needs.

Conclusion of Virtual Education

Online education is great with it’s main benefit being enhanced flexibility for both the students and teacher. We believe that online learning will continue to be a big part of our lives beyond the pandemic as it is so easy to implement into everyday learning.

Whether it is free online learning courses or paid university lectures that are online, online education has the potential to play a big part in our lives. Online learning can be engaging and interesting, you just have to choose the right online learning supplier.

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