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Designed by specialists in personal safety and self defence.

The Women’s Defender follows the similar layout and format to the Children’s defender, which combines an interactive DVD teaching tool (which can be played on an Xbox or Playstation) with an eight-session practical course and personal safety mind set booklet taught at carefully selected local martial arts academies, gyms and learning centers.

This is not a new martial art. This is a practical, easy and fun way for a female to learn basic self-defense techniques and know just enough to be able to escape violence, get away from being grabbed and then know what to do having escaped it.

We are saying to everyone: would you be able to defend yourself from a dangerous and threatening situation and know what to do next?

Course Overview

This programme focuses on how to release from a physical grab whatever direction the grab comes from, and whatever the size of the opponent, any female can release themselves.

Eight steps are taught over the course of, with instructions and encouragement to practice for just a few minutes each day – together with a a safety booklet, interactive games and quiz that helps to instil the techniques and personal safety awareness.

It’s simple, accessible to all, and highly effective.

Video Content

16 minutes

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