Learning STEM skills can be boring if taught in the traditional way such as reading a book. Do you crave an engaging way to learn STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) subjects? Why not try learning through STEM kits where you can learn with hands on learning methods. 

What Does STEM Mean?

You may have heard the phrases “STEM jobs” or “STEM education”, but do you actually know what STEM means? STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. So STEM education revolves around the learning and teaching of these topics. STEM is often associated with being key to innovation, which is why you may have heard the acronym so frequently.

Due to STEM’s great innovation potential, some believe that STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) should be fully integrated into a child’s education. Learning through STEM kits may suffice this. The involvement of these STEM subjects in everyday learning life will encourage young people to take up a career in STEM.

Under the surface, learning STEM knowledge doesn’t just enable the student to learn about science or maths but majorly enhance skills of problem-solving, exploratory learning, and critical thinking. Therefore, making STEM education invaluable for a school or home school student. The use of STEM Kits are brilliant for introducing STEM subjects into the learner’s life.

What Are STEM Kits?

You don’t often hear the words “STEM” and “fun” together but, when you are talking about STEM educational kits, that’s exactly what they are about! STEM kits allow the learner to engage with science, technology, engineering, and maths subjects in a fun way.

You may be thinking that STEM kits are quite a new phenomenon. However, there are some classic toys which are classed as STEM toys. These include Lego and Meccano! In fact, there is an entire industry dedicated to researching and manufacturing educational STEM kits and toys.

If you or your child loves learning or even needs help engaging in STEM subjects, it may be useful to use STEM kits in everyday home and school learning. This will bring fun and engaging elements into home/school learning, allowing learners to play and learn at the same time.

How Are STEM Kits Engaging?

Compared to traditional learning, STEM Kits allow the learner to be more engaged in the subject. This is because the kits include everything to build something from start to finish that actually works. For example, learners can build, code, and decorate their own Bluetooth Speaker with Rewise Learning's Bitbox.

STEM Kits are engaging because they promote hands-on learning. This means learners could be playing and learning with these educational toys for hours. Subconscious learning makes it easier for a learner to use the skills they have learnt in real world situations. Using STEM kits will help the user learn and recall information faster.

Depending on the project, a STEM kit can develop a youngster’s love of both science and art and show how they complement each other. Try searching STEAM kits if you want to add "art" into the mix as well.

Check out Rewise Learning's STEM kit walkthrough Tuborials for more info.