Are you looking to get fit and have fun? Surfability UK have a Tuborial on Surf Fitness and Skills which is bound to help. 

What is Surfability?

Surfability UK CIC is a community interest company which is Wales’ first adaptive and inclusive surf school. Basically, surfing for disabled young people. Their mission is to make surfing accessible for everyone. After featuring on DIY SOS, they now have two purpose built buildings used for storage, accessible changing rooms and kit drying facilities. 

Since 2013, Surfability UK is now a world leading adaptive surfing school. Ben Clifford, the founder, even attends the World Adaptive Surfing Championships in California every year and recently co-wrote International Surfing Association Adaptive Surf Instructor Qualification. To find out more visit the Surfability UK CIC website here. 

What is surf fitness?

We all know surfing is a great sport but it can be physically demanding. Surfing requires a lot of strength to be able to paddle out and catch big waves. Surf fitness is on land exercise which can help you get better at surfing in the water.

Surf fitness lessons aim to build your strength and also warm your muscles up so you can be sure you don’t have an injury whilst on the water. Your stamina might also improve as you are doing extra exercises on the land. 

What is included in Surf Fitness and Skills Tuborial by Surfability UK? 

The Tuborial training video course shows you surfing techniques, surf knowledge and surfing fitness. This allows you to practice at home and be ready when it’s time to get back in the water. 

Some exercises include: 

  • Knee pop up practice
  • How to pop up 
  • Paddle exercises
  • Obstacle course
  • Seated rotation
  • Stepping exercise 
  • Reaching and stretching exercise

Have a look at the Tuborial here.