What is DofE?

The Duke of Edinburgh is a life changing experience which aims to discover new interests and talents. It works on building soft skills which employers want to see evidence of. Tasks include helping the community/environment, getting fit, developing new skills, and completing an expedition (within a team).

You can start completing your DofE Award when you turn 14 up until you are 25, giving you plenty of opportunity to discover new interests as you age. There are three progressive levels; Bronze, Silver, and Gold. When completed, you will possess an Award that top employers and universities recognise as great evidence of soft skills.

Why DofE?

Completing The Duke of Edinburgh Award can help with your personal development. The course encourages you along a path towards a prosperous future. It has the end goal of helping you get ready for the next chapter of your life; whether that’s further education or job opportunities.

The course enhances your soft skills which include communication, commitment, leadership and teamwork which are essential in the workplace. As a plus, your mental and physical health should improve due to getting outside and interacting with others!

Additionally, you will be helping the community or environment as part of your volunteering section. This will give you immense motivation and increase self-acceptance when you see what good you are doing!

Tuborial DofE Course

RESOLVEit offers a course via Tuborial which includes Activity Logs, 12 Week Planner, and DofE e-induction course. To find out more contact us or RESOLVEit and check out the Tuborial below: