How to create an Online Tuborial Course

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Welcome to Tuborial

Tuborial is an online platform created  to make online learning easy.

We were fed up with online learning course being too long, full of long intros and irrelevant content.

Don’t even get us started on having to then purchase the equipment you need to complete the course from multiple sites.

We make learning easy by only hosting easy to follow videos that, where relevant supply you with all the equipment you need to complete the course.

Course Outcomes

 You will be shown:

–       How to sign up as a Tuborial Creator

–       How to uploads your course videos

–        How to set up your Stripe account to receive payments

–       How to create you course overview page

–       How to create lessons and course topics

–       How to create multiple choice questions and essay questions

–       How to create a custom course certificate

–       How to add an online course tutor

–       How to adda live video stream

–       How to preview and submit your Tuborial Course


*Note* You will need your own Vimeo or YouTube and Stripe account.