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Course Overview

This Tuborial will primarily consist of teaching you how to build your own remote-control tuk tuk. You will receive your Tech Tuk kit in the post as part of the course price, the kit and the video instructions will give you everything you need to complete the course (apart from an Android mobile phone).

The tuk tuk kit acts as a fun and engaging introduction to the world of coding, robotics and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Maths).

Learners will experience first-hand how to build a basic robotic device, being a remote-controlled tuk tuk. They will then learn the basics of C++, build an electrical circuit out of modular components and simple strips of C++ computer code to programme a microcontroller and a free smartphone application to be able to control the vehicle.

Learners are able to decorate and customize their tech tuk before taking them for a spin!

What you get as part of your this course via your code kit:

–         Sustainable wooden 3D Tuk Tuk jigsaw

–         Arduino Uno Microcontroller board

–         Motor controller

–         HC-05 Bluetooth Receiver

–         10 Jumper cables

–         2 DC 3-6V motors

–         2 Jumbo Wheels,

–         1 Universal swivel Wheel

*Note* You will need your own  Smartphone and Tablet with access to Bluetooth a laptop and a screwdriver

Target Audience

–         Anyone who wants to gain an insight into coding, electronics and engineering.

–         People with no prior coding or electronics experience

–         Children over 14 (younger if supervised by an adult)

Course Outcomes

–         Engagement with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics)   Improved soft skills, such as team work

–         Ability to program using the Arduino IDE

–         Ability to understand and create introductory C++ code

–         An understanding of the key principles involved in programming microcontrollers

–         Improved motivation to learn additional code and electronics projects

–         Development of a greater awareness of how STEM can be used in everyday instances and future careers

–         Users will have their very own completed remote control car, they can drive via their mobile phone/tablet

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