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Logic Documents uniquely designed learning management systems allows you the freedom and flexibility to take control of your own learning. Every module was created by real privacy professionals, with a combined 30 years in the data protection industry. We will show you both the educational element of data protection and the operational too. So, you can take what you have learned and apply it to your business to ensure your compliance.

It’s sometimes near impossible to identify all the data laws applicable to your business. That’s why we created the Logic Document Privacy Principles that apply to all data laws across the globe. Within our lessons, we will educate you on these principles and even show you how to apply them to your internal operations. Allowing you to maintain full compliance.


  1. Importance of Data Protection – Your first lesson on your path to compliance. Begin to understand the data protection world and why it’s so very important to protect your business.
  1. Be Accountable – All data laws require you to be accountable for the data you collect, use, store and destroy. We will look at some excellent accountability measures you can take to show your customers just how much you value and care for the safety of their data.
  1. Know Your Purpose – We will help you identify the purpose for which you collect, use, store and destroy personal data and ensure you know what legal requirements you need to follow.
  1. Keep It Accurate – If your collecting and using personal data, its incredibly important to keep it accurate, we will give you hints and tips on how to keep your database up to date and accurate as it can be.
  1. Limit The Use – You can only use the personal data for certain reasons. We will take you through when and how personal data can be used and when it shouldn’t be.
  1. Understand Data Rights – One of the most important things to have in place is a procedure for actioning what are called ‘’subject access requests’’. We will take you through each data right and show you the best way to manage requests.
  1. Set Security Standards– Ah, security. So important to avoid those deadly data breaches. We will show you some excellent cyber security techniques and good practices to keep your systems as safe as can be.
  1. Be Open, Be Honest – It’s all about transparency. Your customers have the right to know what happens to their data from the minute it will enter your business to the day it leaves. We will show you the best way to do this.
  1. Only Keep It, If You Need It – Storing personal data can help or hinder you. So we will educate you on retention periods and storage practices which will ensure you are only keeping data as long as you absolutely need it.
  1. Collect Data Lawfully – How you collect data and what data you collect, will set the tone of your data protection compliance. Ensuring you are only collecting the right information and justifying it with a legal basis for doing so, is so important.
  1. Training, Training, Training – And lastly training training training, it should never ever stop.
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