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Designed by specialists in personal safety and self defence.

The MANTIS RESOLVEit Family Defender Course is focused on improving the lives of children and young people.

Our aim is to build a launch pad from which children and young people can feel safer and more confident. We have drawn on our extensive teaching experience and world-leading self-defence expertise to create unique learning programs and to deliver innovative products that will address all matters of safety including bullying and leave children with renewed confidence to achieve their goals and dreams.

Course Overview

We have developed a host of simple and proven initiatives which will help to significantly empower children and young people, making them safer and building their confidence.

The first of these initiatives focuses on bullying and teaches them how to release from a physical grab whatever direction the grab comes from, and whatever the size of the opponent, any child or young person can release themselves. Eight steps are taught over the course of 8 weeks, with instructions and encouragement to practice for just a few minutes each day – together with a a safety booklet, interactive games and quiz that helps to instill the techniques and personal safety awareness. It’s simple, accessible to all, and highly effective.
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