Walsall Prevent: Anti-Radicalisation Primary Workshop

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Anti-Radicalisation Workshop – A step-by-step programme about terrorism, radicalisation, and patriotism. 

Walsall Prevent’s Anti-Radicalisation Workshop aims to educate young people on the topic of terrorism and help them notice if they are being targetted/groomed. Our interactive and fun videos will walk you through what terrorism is, how vulnerable people can be radicalised, and how patriotism can potentially turn into committing serious terrorist activities. 

We have created a unique and engaging workshop that consists of four different videos; three discussing different topics and the final one as a recap with added discussion opportunities. We weave in multiple real-life examples and a mini-documentary on how a man was groomed into being part of The National Front. End of topic quizzes will reinforce the knowledge learnt in the videos.

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