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Espresso what you need:

– Espresso machine

– 16-20g freshly Roasted Coffee beans (Fine espresso grind)

– Grinder

– Scale

– Espresso cup  


– Turn on your espresso machine and keep the portafilter in the group head to warm

– Weigh and grind 16 – 20g of coffee for a double shot,

– Place coffee in the portafilter basket, dry with a cloth to remove any water drops

– Distribute the coffee equally by tapping the portafilter gently.

– Tamp the coffee into a puck to remove air pockets and create a think equal surface area

– Discard hot water from cup

– Place portafilter with basket into the group head and run a double through into the cup

– It should roughly be 50 ml/50g

– Smell, drink and enjoy

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