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Welcome to RESOLVEit’s resource hub. Here you will find a selection of our resources suitable for age 4+ covering a range of personal safety and life skills topics that are completely free.
Whether you’re a school looking for some new PSHE activities or a parent looking for some enriching activities for your children to enjoy at home, look no further.
From colouring in our safety superheroes, learning how to draw a human face, learning about personal safety through our activity workbook, to completing our Covid-19 journaling work; our resources will provide children vital life skills education while having fun at the same time.

Once finished why not share your masterpieces on our social media platforms;

INSTAGRAM: resolveitcic
Find out more about what we do at RESOLVEit check out our website www.resolveitcic.co.uk

Enjoyed the resources, head over to our workshop selection to find out what else we offer.

Superhero Academy Programme – LINK

Children’s Defender Workshop – LINK