Writing Your Bitbox’s Code

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Writing Your Bitbox’s Code


This lesson will show you how to write the code that you need to make your Bluetooth speaker function. You will be able to download the code in full after completing this lesson.

Instructions on:

  • Adding variables
  • Key Arduino IDE terms and rules
  • How to add a command for your boombox, speakers and LED rings
  • How to set up a Bluetooth signal to control your boombox from a smartphone

What you will need:

–         PC

–         Internet connection (if using online Arduino editor)

–         Micro-controller

–         USB lead

–         Single LED (or you can use the built-in LED)


What’s Next?

1. Verify if the code is correct without errors using the Tick icon on the top left corner of the software:

2. Choose your Arduino device by Choosing Tools -> Port: -> Arduino/Genuino Uno (Available Device):

3. Upload your code by clicking on right-pointing arrow on the left top corner of the software:

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