Testing Your Boombox’s Circuit

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Testing Your Boombox’s Circuit


This lesson will show you how to test your boombox circuit and ensure its working correct before you build the rest of the shell.

Instructions on:

–         Powering up your circuit

–         Connecting your Bluetooth receiver for the first time

–         Playing music and controlling your boombox from a phone

What you will need:

  • Your boombox’s shell (built previously)
  • Your boombox’s circuit (built previously)
  • 1 x Android phone/tablet (with Bluetooth)
  • Small Flat Head Screwdriver

PDF pictorial instructions

You can download pictorial booklet instruction using the link below:
→Bitbox Instruction Booklet


1. Your code should be already downloaded onto Arduino in previous lesson (Writing Your Boombox’s Code).

2. Turn the Bluetooth on your phone ON.

3. Connect to available device called ”Bluetooth”

4. The speakers should make a sound

5. Choose your favourite music to play on your phone