French Press (Immersion coffee)

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French Press (Immersion coffee)

what you need:  

– French Press / Cafetiere (But for simplicity will use french press in the course)

– 18-30gs Freshly Roasted Coffee beans (Coarsely ground show picture)

– 500ml Good quality water (Not hard water) pour at 90-94C

– Kettle

– Grinder

– Scales

– Thermometer (But not essential)


– Boil the kettle and preheat your cup & french press vessel (you don’t want a cold vessels).

–  Weigh then grind 18g ( for 250ml of water) or 30g (for 500ml water) of coffee to a coarse grind (Similar consistency to rock salt)

– Make sure the water temperature is around 90-94C before pouring (you don’t want to burn the coffee).

– Discard the warm water in your french press vessel only.

– Add the coffee, add enough water just to saturate grounds.  

– Add the rest of the water, fill the vessel and stir once or twice
– Leave to brew for 3-4 minutes.

– Gently plunge the lid until the grounds are collected on the bottom.

– Allow to rest for a minute or so

– Now discard the warm water from your cup

– serve sit down, relax and enjoy.  

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