Nel Drip/ Woodneck

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Nel Drip/ Woodneck

what you need:

– Nel Drip & accessories

– Cloth filter

– 15 -30gs Freshly Roasted Coffee beans ( Medium Coarse grind show picture)

– 350 ml of good quality water (Depending on how many drinks you’re making)

– Grinder

– Scales

– Timer

– Thermometer (Not essential)


– If using straight from the box rinse and boil filter cloth before use.

– Place filter on woodneck ring

– Preheat cloth, vessel and serving cups with boiling water

– Grind your coffee to a medium coarse grind

– Discard hot warm in the vessel   

– Add ground coffee to your Nel Drip filter

– Place Nel Drip on scales and tare  

– Pour in a small amount of water, enough just to saturate the grounds(water temperature 80-83). Leave to bloom for 30 secs

– Slowly Pour in the rest of the water, submerge the coffee, moving in a circular pour. starting small at the middle and gradually creating bigger circles as you move towards the edge. (As if you drawing a whirl pool with as you pour, keep filer about three quarters full)

– Brew for 3 – 4 Minutes

– Once water has seeped through

– Remove & clean cloth filter

– Discard hot water in your cup

– Pour in brewed coffee to your cup and enjoy

– Store damp cloth filter in a sealed bag in the fridge

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