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What you need.

– Aeropress

– Aeropress filter papers or metal filter

– 12 – 17 g’s Freshly Roasted Coffee beans ( Medium Coarse grind show picture)

– 250 ml of good quality water (Not hard water)

– Grinder

– Kettle

– Scales

– Thermometer

– Timer


– Boil the kettle and pre heat your cup (cold cups, colder coffee)

– Weigh then Grind 12 – 17g of coffee to a medium coarse grind( so it looks like brown sugar)    
– Turn the Aeropress upside down and add the ground coffee

– Use the thermometer to measure the water temperature, (ideal temperature is around 80 – 85C)   

– Pour in 50ml of water, stir and let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds

– Add the rest of water, fill to the top (250ml of water or so) and let the coffee brew for 1 minute 30 seconds.

– Place filter in the filter cap and run through boiling water to wash away paper taste.

– Discard the warm water in the coffee cup.


– Place Aeropress upright over your coffee cup and press through slowly( around 30-45 secs to complete)

– Serve and enjoy

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