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Welcome to the Virtual Youth Club Neath Port Talbot.

The Virtual Youth club is an online platform for young people across Neath Port Talbot to engage in fun and practical activities, online.

During the first Virtual Youth Club session, you will learn about Arduino coding software, STEM-related subject areas and C++ coding language.

During the first round of the Virtual Youth Club, you will get to build your very Bluetooth Boombox speaker.

Neath Port Talbot Youth Service will supply you with a flat pack version of the boombox, you will build and learn how to program the kit during club sessions with online support from The club’s Tech tutors.

The Bitbox kit acts as a fun and engaging introduction to the world of coding, robotics and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Maths).

Learners will experience first-hand how to build a basic robotic device, being a Bluetooth boombox. They will then learn the basics of C++, build an electrical circuit out of modular components and simple strips of C++ computer code to programme a micro-controller to be able to control and play music from your mobile phone.

Learners are able to decorate and customize their boombox before playing music!

What you get as part of this course via your code kit:

–         Sustainable wooden 3D Bitbox jigsaw

–         Arduino Micro-controller board

–         KY-037 Microphone

–         Jumper cables

–         2 Speakers

–         2 LED rings

–         Stereo Bluetooth Amplifier

*Note* You will need your own Smartphone and Tablet with access to Bluetooth and a laptop/PC.

Course Outcomes

–         Engagement with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics)   

–         Improved soft skills, such as teamwork

–         Ability to program using the Arduino IDE

–         Ability to understand and create introductory C++ code

–         An understanding of the key principles involved in programming micro-controllers

–        Improved motivation to learn additional code and electronics projects

–         Development of a greater awareness of how STEM can be used in everyday instances and future careers

–         Users will have their very own completed remote control boombox, they can play music via their mobile phone/tablet